Tuesday 24 November 2009

New Sewing Quarters

Don't go thinking my sewing room is finished now.... when I write "Quarters" I mean this is a quarter... one corner... there are 3 more corners... or rather quarters... but they .....
look like this!!!! he he he, but it is progress.... Baby Steps!!
See the wardrobe in the top picture, with the fabulous baskets for fabric storage... it is from Ikea, I built it all by my very self... woooo hoooo.... tonight I shall fill it with my smaller pieces of fabric, that will take ages because I will be seeing some of them for the first time since June... we will need to bond again, you know... make plans for the future, he he he

We are having an extra class in Uttoxeter today, the ladies were wanting to finish their table runners so that we can move on to the Log Cabin project. The new Bernina Aurora babies, with their new little nephew (Bernina 230 SE) are in the car ready to go...

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