Tuesday 17 November 2009

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

All the ladies were quilting today. Gillian was stitching in the ditch following the squares of each block. She did a great job, with the help of an Aurora baby, she tied off most of the ends as she went.... Gillian is the group giggler!! I tried to get her using the knee lift... I asked her to 'open her leg' (to lift the pressure foot) which caused all of us to giggle!!! he he he

Jenni has never 'ever' used an electric sewing machine before. Today she used one of the new Bernina Aurora babies... she found it quite strange using a foot pedal (remember she has used her hand crank in past lessons) ... but slowly, during the day, she got the hang of it, even the knee lift for the presser foot... she took the book home to read up on the machine because she wants one!!! talk about one extreme to the other??? he he he

(normal) Maureen resisted the Aurora temptation and quilted zig-zag lines with her new walking foot. We named this design the 'Auntie Jenni ' as Jenni invented it last week, quite by accident... we love it!
Dotty Maureen, yes we have the 2 Maureens, one normal and one a bit dotty... he he he
Anyway, Dotty Maureen spent the whole day free motion quilting her table runner using the Aurora BSR, she loved it and quilted leaves and vines all over the project......
... this is the back of Dotty Maureen's quilt, the leaves were quite round for the first hour or so and got more 'leafy' shaped as she got more practice.... by the time she did the border the leaves were longer and more elegant, he he he.. she also wants an Aurora baby of her own.... I knew it, this machine is just fabulous!

So, the ladies had so much fun today that they can't wait 2 weeks for the next class so we have booked an extra day for next week, 24th November.

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