Tuesday 30 October 2012

Stitching News

PM Pam might regret the day she ever made her first cushion... considering that she only made it to use up left over quilt fabric. That first cushion turned out to be a set of 6, followed by orders for more and more cushions... including this latest one, a large floor cushion with the fabulous Churndash block

Jean Bean decided to make a baby play mat... she wants it finished as soon as possible... so she purchased these lovely splendid fabrics (can you guess where from? ha ha ha) and made a set of 6" squares to play with, patchwork doesn't get much easier than joining squares does it?

A Toot Toot Toot for Ann Baker with her 'first festive finish'... one cushion from a set of 6.  Ann's very brave... she put zips in the back of her lovely cushions!

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