Saturday, 15 March 2014

After Hours...

My very own Patchwork and Quilting shop is starting it's third year now.
As time goes on it's getting increasingly more difficult to find even enough space for one bolt of fabric as it's delivered.
The shelves that I had in this space were fine but I calculated that if I purchased...
... these shelves, from good old Ikea, I would gain an extra 20 cm, 8 inches... that's a little bit for each actual shelf width... you might think that was unnecessary but it also gave me an extra bit of height, enough for a second shelf... for fat quarter display maybe? Molly and Henry helped a lot!

Laying bolts sideways with the white shelves I couldn't fit a container of fat quarters as well... now, with these new shelves, I can... those 5 little cm are huge!!
Eventually, I filled the shelves back up, several times actually, until I was happy... though I will continue to ponder the lay out over the next few days... I ponder a lot!
 I vacuumed all the saw dust and mess... I tidied, titivated and pondered a bit more to get everything ready for opening the next day.
Some customers, not to mention the valuable volunteers who help me, might find they need to be on tippee toes to see everything on top, I hadn't thought of that but it's looking good anyway... and it's too late now... It's done!
As you might see from the clock.. all this happened in just three hours. Friday Quilt Club finished at 3pm and I sprang into action. I locked the door at 6pm and left thinking... that's it, there's no-where else to fit more fabric... but I have done that many times before! hahahaha

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