Friday, 14 March 2014

Stitching News With Tooting

My Wife Beth proudly held up her finished and fabulous rainbow quilt for a well deserved toot toot toot... Beth had scoured the internet and purchased little packages of colour co-ordinated strips of fabric. The design is made up by her very own self... clever chick isn't she... 
As the quilt progressed it became evident that some of the fabrics were not, in actual fact, 100% cotton as they shrivelled up when pressed so Beth had to do a little 'jiggery-pokery' to change the offending ones.

Beth made this lovely little centre panel, which she calls her 'Fudgello' for the back making it double sided

Wendy's finished quilt from last week. Fabulous and finished, toot toot toot... Made with an unwanted Jelly Roll... but didn't it turn out lovely!!
Another work in progress of Wendy's. Don't we all make the most wonderful quilts out of scrap fabrics that could very well have been thrown away? For sure Wendy does!

Wendy again here... making personalised kiddie play things... the border fabric is exactly that, fabric... it's printed like that... I thought Wendy had pieced all those little squares!
Chris The Foot finished her Quick Table Topper and moved swiftly on to one of  her Tennessee Waltz quilt blocks, this is a very clever block... it's called 54-40 Or Fight and gives amazing secondary designs...
My Wife Beth and Wendy created this little fella...
It is a very simple Bassett Hound... it only took the two ladies all day to complete him!
There was a lot of careful surgery involved! 

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