Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Stitching News

Remember Jeanette received a toot toot toot for finishing this quilt ? It was at the end of January, this year 2014... The day she brought it for us to see, she had one of the segments of this Lone Star completed, she was testing her colour choices, they're Moda Bella Solids. Happy with them, she purchased a little more of each fabric... that was 31st January... Goodness me... the centre's now finished, as you can clearly see. The thing is, there's no machine stitching... it has all been done with a little solitary needle and thread, by hand!! WOW that lady must sew at the speed of light!
Christabelle's latest work of art. This is a pattern from a Jelly Roll book. Chris made her very own colour and fabric choices, cutting all the strips as directed, you don't have to use Jelly Rolls though as it's very easy to calculate fabric requirements from the Jelly Roll patterns. Looking good eh!
Jan proudly held up her kiddy play mat, fabulous and finished!
Toot toot toot. Each of the focus fabric squares was fussy cut to get a lion in exactly the same place for each block, that takes patience!
Not a lot of photo taking opportunities, the classroom is super busy with lots of exciting new projects needing mathemisms and fudging tips so I am kept extremely busy lending a helping hand... all very exciting! You will see them all soon enough, I promise.
If you're still reading... It's March! There's a first Thursday of the month this week which can only mean that there's a meeting in Stone for SPQ (Staffordshire Patchworkers and Quilters) It's the AGM this time with a mystery project planned for after all the formal stuff... which usually takes at least 10 minutes!!

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