Thursday 6 March 2014

Stitching News

Another blog post in a hurry... I seems to be getting later and later, even though I actually get up earlier and earlier... and earlier! 
Few words then... pictures are more interesting anyway aren't they?
Fran Cupcake made a sandwich and we planned the quilting.
Rose chose her layout and stitched the blocks together.
Don't worry about the little booboo, Rose will sort that one out at home.
Gail played with layout too, using a Clover design wall.
She stitched the blocks into fours by the end of day
Giggly Gillian layered and pinned her sandwich
After finishing the co-ordinating cushion... with a zip!
Princess Jackie quilted on her Elephant zig-zag play mat.
This is the appliqué she's working on in between projects, silk appliqué
Lovely Lyn continued blanket stitching her teddies.
 Just to have a break she chose and stitched on her borders.

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