Monday 10 March 2014

Stitching News

Christabelle made her fabulous sandwich... perfectly and comfortabubbly.
Our sandwich Saturdays are proving very popular.
Sandwiching quilts on the floor is very successful too...

 but 'ooooher' the knees and oooch-ouch those backs!
Barbie finished her football supporter's quilt for the new Daddy. Toot toot toot
New Daddy was delighted with the little quilt and very impressed with the attention to detail... Barbie had been well advised on both the home and the away colours, Sporty Sue was chief advisor on hand.

Barbie made this little quilt top in just one day. She had arrived for class with fabric already chosen, which we sliced up into squares. It's fun to stitch simple shapes together, fast and easy too! Barbie went home with a wonderful sandwich ready for quilting. This one's for the new Mummy...

The pre-cut packs we make and sell, containing 30 x 6" squares of different novelty fabrics, can make a fabulous play mat measuring approximately 1m x 1.20m... depending how wide you choose to make your borders of course. 
Jenny Barlaston had a cunning plan... she split the pack in two and made two smaller baby play mats.. 15 squares in each one, great idea eh?

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