Monday 30 November 2015

A Bit Of Stitching News

Krafty Karen finished all of her festive table mats...
This is a great way to use those little picture squares you buy in strips
Toot toot toot Karen, 6 Fabulous toot-toot-ety-toots, for 6 finished mini quilts!
Jean Bean has a baby coming...
A new baby will need a new stocking... and Lick-etty-Split!
It's a good job our Jean remembered how to make the lovely stockings.
Carol was ever so excited to show us her finished, and fabulous gifting quilt...
Once again my photo doesn't do any favours to the colours...
in real life they are richer and totally toot-a-bubble!
Now, don't tell anyone that I showed you this quilt... it's a secret you see... just between us two... Isn't it lovely, so very girly and beautifully designed. Toot toot toot Fiona... it will be a lovely surprise.
Brenda Barbara had this Dolphin fabric given to her because her Grand daughter loves Dolphins... we pondered what to make and perused the other fabric choices for a while... I think we did a perfect job of choosing and Brenda did a great job with the piecing... Team Work!
Sister Susie had done lots of homework... Sandwich time so,  we squished up a few things so that a sandwich could be made. You probably won't believe me, but this is the back of the gifting quilt!
Christabelle had lots of fun making this little wall hanging. It's got little pockets to store important things in too... lots of embroidery and embellishing make this project quirky and fun.. what a lovely gift! Toot toot toot Chris, fabulous 
A short post considering how long you've waited... We are busy and secrets are being made!

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