Sunday 22 November 2015

Stitching News With Tooting

Just Edna finished her fabulous Crossbody Tote Bag...toot toot toot.
This pattern has a few elements that read a bit tricky...but once you tackle them...
they're easy and obvious... am I right Edna?
The beautiful Art Gallery Fabrics match that perfectly placed zip very well indeedy
Toot toot toot time for Rose's fabulous finish...  made with two Charm packs and a little extra fabric for the borders...This lovely lap size quilt will be gifted very soon...
I want you to see Rose's very own quilt design....  
Wing It with your Walking Foot.... that's what Rose calls it...
"I'm Just Winging' It" she says
Using a Clover Chaco marker to draw the main vines flowing well...
it is just chalk after all... then adding a few winged leaves... F-A-B-U-lous!!
Stargazy Daisiez workshop... the results!!!
Stephanie Iceland used her 
workshop blocks to make these fabulous cushions
I love the way she used those Ombre Oranges to add a little zest!!
Toot toot toot Stephanie your cushions are fabulous
Our Sheila has been working on these Quilt-As-You-Go blocks.
It's yet another 
Quilt-As-You-Go method... as there are many... so, 
We will be listing this as one of the workshops for 2016.
Sheila used delicious Art Gallery fabrics mixed with Moda.
All Day Di had come to the assembly part of her Farmer Joe's Quiet Book.
With all the bits and bobs spread out you can see just how much work has been involved... There was a zip to be inserted for the back page, she didn't want to tackle it... But in the end she had to...
 Di did a great job!
Di Butterfly concentrated on her Christmas Stocking for Oscar.
Lots of festive projects are being worked on during the classes now...
If only we had known sooner that there would be another Christmas coming!!!
Merrily is one step ahead... skip Christmas... and go straight over to...
Stained Glass Snowdrops. The first sign of Spring?
Merrily says it's a little tricky to control the tight curves with the Bias Binding and double needle stitching... We have a workshop planned for this method too.. next year.
Brenda Barbara made this Quick Table Topper...
at the beginning choosing bit, she couldn't decide which three festive fabrics to use from her 'collection'... so we decided to throw them all in!!
What a fabulous idea... it looks great eh? just the binding to do now.
My Mum Gwynneth is making these fabulous cushions...
She loves the 3D effects that some designs make.
The cushions, when finished, will freshen up the decor in her jolly-holiday home...
well, I really mean The Caravan! ha ha ha
Wendy popped in to show off her Autumnal Quilt
This is Wendy's very own design and it is, and will forever be, unique!
Each individual leaf has been collected and scanned and printed onto Cotton poplin...
So there's no way another can be made exactly the same.
Toot toot toot Wendy, for your fabulous finish
We snook (?) a little sandwich session in for Jeannette Dilly... Not that the sandwich was little... my goodness it's a big one... we had to pin it in two halves! No points for guessing what she's going to be doing instead of sleeping eh!!
Barbie started work on another gifting quilt...
This is the Pineapple Blossom design A La Bonnie Hunter...
It's one of my most favourite ever designs... I love making these blocks
and so does Barbie, she told me.
Barbie wanted to see the design possibilities.
The same set of blocks used here,...
but both designs will appear like magic, in the finished project.
This will be one of our planned workshops, by request, in 2016
It's quite a long post, I know that... to congratulate you for reaching the end... which you must have done if you are still reading.... I am going to announce this weeks' 'Help me make space discount'... and you know I appreciate it when you help me to make shelf space!!!
For one week then...Starting today, Monday 23rd November..
 I will take 10% off the cost of all bolt cuts from Black And White fabrics... and I have a lot to choose from you know!!! See you soon.... ?

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