Thursday 16 June 2016

I Made A New Kate Tunic

I know I said I would never make another Kate Tunic with blooming stretchy fabric... but as I already had purchased several lengths of the stuff... I have no choice but to be a trooper, keeping calm and carry on making them.... It's a beautiful, soft and luxurious knit from Art Gallery Fabrics... the problem is not the fabric, I can promise you that... the problem is that I am a quilter and I only work with 100 % cotton fabric... there can't be a fabric easier to work with than 100% cotton... so I am just not used to tricky stuff. I absolutely love the Kate Tunics... I will be wearing this one in my very own shop today... and tomorrow if I manage to keep it clean! ha ha ha
Do you like it?


Just Edna said...

Love it Angie!

Joyful Stitcher said...

Super Cute! And so comfortable looking for a hot summer say!