Wednesday 15 June 2016

Stitching News And Retirement

Fran Cupcake has her Vintage Journal quilt top together. woooohooo. We changed the original pattern method a bit as Fran really didn't want to do the paper pieced sashing... it would have needed a lot of paper copies! There's quite often an easier way to make up the 'in a magazine' quilts, at least that's what we have found just lately. Fran's going to make border decisions next

New Sue spent a bit of her day making up Kaleidoscope blocks... she started them at the Stack-n-Whack workshop in March... don't they look fabulous with that leafy fabric! Note the absolutely perfect piecing too!

At the very same time, New Sue is working on this Christmas sampler, oh boy is it cute!! She purchased the pattern on a recent USA trip but is refusing to say which Christmas she is making it for... a very wise lady eh. She's also ready to sandwich a double sided giant Churndash quilt, but I forgot to get a photo of that.
 There were so many picture taking opportunities... I really have failed you... but I had such a lovely day!... And now... on the subject of retirement... did it make you panic?

My old telephone has now been retired. Broken and unable to continue it's work. I have a newer model, and I can work it, and it takes much better photos, so I can post stuff, probably to Facebook... as it happens... if I remeber that is, and I most often do not remember! These new and Beautiful Batik fabrics were delivered on Monday afternoon and the new phone took the picture, all by it's very own self!

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Just Edna said...

Nearly had apoplexy seeing the word "retirement"! Thank goodness it's only your phone! ��