Wednesday 15 June 2016

Secret Sewing?

Not so long ago I mentioned here, some secret sewing activity, Do you remember that? Anyone that came to my shop to enquire about it was given a sneaky preview but I couldn't put any pictures here for you for fear that our very lovely and most generous Fran Cupcake would see what we were making to gift to her for her very own birthday. We made a Fran Quilt. Everything on it pertains to Our Fran Cupcake.... see? She keeps chickens, loves everything nature. Loves Americana, Makes Jams and chutneys, deals in honey, carries a lovely basket, loves flowers, makes amazing bunting and has taught workshops for you to make some for your very own self she has a cat etc etc... this is a very Fran Cupcake quilt and we were absolutely thrilled to have had so much fun sneaking around, planning and plotting.... We made it for Our Fran, and she had no idea!! Of course she loves it, says it is the very best gift she ever, ever received... A perfect result!!

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