Wednesday 10 August 2016

Meet Dave...

 a new customer and what a lovely chap he is.
He came to my very own shop last week looking for something special to gift for his mum's birthday. He spied my beginner cushion sample and thought that it would be a perfect thing to gift... but it was not for sale! 
He wanted it though, so... he decided to book himself in for a class to make a cushion all by his very own self... we booked him in for Monday's all day class, by the way, Monday was his Mum's actual birthday so it had to be finished, lick-etty-split... 
Dave had a great day and declared that he had no idea how interesting a day it would be... even though we had already told him that bit!
Toot toot toot Dave... a fanfare for your fabulous and finished quilted cushion... Gifted to his Mum on the way home from class.
Best of all, Dave's Mum loved the cushion so much that she came in  on Tuesday and booked her very own self in for a beginner class so that she can make another cushion... Boom!... a perfect result!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

I love stories like this. Easy to get hooked on quilting. Way to get them in. :) Thanks for sharing.