Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Oh My Goodness, The Talent!!! Let's Toot...

First up, a fabulous and finished quilt from our very own, first prize award winning, Princess Jackie. Toot toot toot and toot-etty-toot-pip!! Firstly... I can't believe how little time it is since I told you that Jackie had started this project... It is beautiful, cute and funny-quirky. It's a lovely pattern from here, and Jackie has done it proud. Oh... let's toot just again.... toot toot
This customer came last week with the 3 parts ready to make a sandwich and now.... It is Fabulous and finished and ready for us to give it one of our fabulous fanfares... toot toot toot! So, I have to tell you something now... blowing my very own trumpet actually... the lady told me that it was my very own idea for her to use the pattern twice on the very same quilt... and I thought that it was she who was the genius!! ha ha ha
Another customer came to show us her Fabulous and Finished, grandson gifting quilt. We have made this quilt up as she's gone along... and she is very pleased with the result... she even has a plan to make a co-ordinating cushion with the left-over fabrics.... wonderful!... on the right road to getting back to patchwork and quilting... after giving it all up almost 9 years ago, Boom!!!

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