Thursday, 18 August 2016

Stitching News

 This two block design has been a challenge for Carol... doesn't it look complicated... Oh, now wait a little minute... Is it a one block design with two different colourways? I will investigate and question her later... I'll get back to you on that one.
Wing It Rose, that's her motto... don't worry she says, "I'll Just Wing It"
Finished her fabulous quilt top. Have you ever put a Moda William Morris design, fussily cut too, with a modern Beautiful Batik? Who would have thought the two would play so well together... we cleared a few tables for Rosie to make a sandwich... there's a bit of a time constraint for gifting this one.
Now this is a work of art... believe me!
Our Jean Bean has gone off on a tangent... after visiting Festival of Quilts on Sunday... on our extremely well organised coach trip it has to be said, she got all inspired for her next project. Two full days of planning and plotting, scribbling and sketching, choosing and cutting (and attending to our lovely customers of course) has created this pile of Batik Beauties... exciting eh!

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