Monday, 8 August 2016

Stitching News

Wendy came up with a cunning plan... she cuts her Hexagon templates directly from her wadding so she can sit tacking the fabric around them then has nothing to remove... the wadding stays in situ... I guess it's a 'Quilt As You Go' project... Wendy scours our quilt shops looking for more red fabrics!

Brenda Duck played with friends a while ago... they had a Jelly Roll Race... there were lots of wonky seams and many different seam allowances but Brenda had a wonderful time.... Now, after a little Jiggery Pokery... she's adding borders!!

Toot toot toot time for Josie's fabulous and finished, Nautical cushion. The tiny Half Square Triangles make a great sail don't they... Josie did Big Stitch hand quilting with Perle 8 cotton from Presencia to add scrumptious detail.

Jeannette Dilly was able to lay out her blocks to get a good lookie at the design... isn't it fabulous... We've persuaded Jeannette to enter this quilt into Uttoxeter Quilt Show next year... She didn't take a lot of persuading after receiving such good comments for the quilt she entered this year.

All Day Di had a tricky day... but that lady has stamina and she used it, by George!
Ending the day with a 'ready to be sandwiched' little quilt was a great achievement!! Sometimes the easiest things can seem tricky... I don't know why... but I am sure it happens to us all.

Jeannette Dilly made a quilt in a day. No patchwork involved just Choose it, cut it, sandwich it, quilt it and bind! I don't think it gets ant faster than that?... No wait a cotton picking moment... the binding time could be cut down by bagging the quilt... but binding looks so lovely...
It's a short post done in a bit of a hurry... you can probably tell!

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