Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Stitching News

Di Butterfly has mastered the art of No Waste Flying Geese, have you tried this method yet? It is quite brilliant you know. The method has been re-written and You-Tubed by many people so others must agree. It's a regular tutorial in lots of magazines too. 

Norma came back from her jolly-hollies and wanted to make a second 'beginner' cushion... obviously you can't really be a beginner twice... once Norma got started she realised how much she had remembered from the first cushion and went home very pleased with her very own self!

Remember Dave? He got his very own Blog Post and caused many delighted ladies to email me... like a fan club! So the story continues here... Dave's Mum, Lena, came for her very own beginner class and decided to make a tote bag, rather than a cushion... she got both sides made and had a great morning.

Beth also saw Dave's cushion and so she booked her very own self in for an afternoon class, it was a quiet afternoon so she was able to advance very quickly... these are Beth's very own fabrics, not from my very own quilt shop... This week, after seeing Beth's cushion, her Mum will be joining us to make her very own first project... it's like a game of 'Tag'... I wonder who will be 'tagged for a turn' next?

Brenda Duck came for sandwich Saturday... she had a bit of a shock... as we got everything ready for pinning, the size of the quilt surprised Brenda... as we pinned it then moved the quilt over to pin the second half... she went all of a doo, ha ha ha... the full size was realized!!
"What was I thinking?" she exclaimed... ha ha ha

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