Thursday, 2 May 2019

Stitching news

Gail is inventing... she wanted to make a gifting quilt but made the mistake of asking the young fellow what kind of quilt he would like... So a magnificent football quilt it will be!

Princess Jackie is quilting this rather amazing applique project...
She says this one is going to be for her very own self...

PM Pam's favourite little design... cute!
She will be making a sandwich very soon.
Backing chosen and purchased ready....

PM Pam decided (might have been pushed) to put a Faux Piped Binding on this very simple quilt, it means a little more effort and time but the result will be well worth the trouble... really Pam!

Oh my gosh... this design takes a lot of effort and a lot of time...
Christabelle works on it in shorter spells, concentrating is draining. I think this is only one third of the final size... Chris will need cake!!!

In between the concentrating on the Polka Dot Bikini quilt, Christabelle is making another gifting quilt. Those Bears are quite large so easy to applique, Chris is using the very popular, blanket stitch

At the end of the day, Princess spied enough table space to make up a quick pink sandwich. She and Beano had it finished Lick-etty-Split

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