Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Stitching News

Starting off with a fanfare for Just Edna's fabulous and finished quilt. Made with beautiful Batik fabrics... she started with a Jelly Roll then added many more from my wonderful selection.... Each block was quilted then joined together without sashing strips... yet another wonderful method to help us quilt very large projects 

This is the back of Just Edna's Batik Beauty
You can see the free form design, the quilting on each block, the joining and the general wonderfulness... toot toot toot Just Edna. A triumph! 

Annbacan also elected to quilt each of her Crumb and Mile-A-Minute blocks individually... she has stitched them all into rows with the addition of the sashing so now the strips are getting longer... a little more tricky and more accuracy is needed... just a few more pins sorts that out though...

This is the back of Annbacan's project... completely different!! She's had a lot of fun working her way through a patchwork Block Party book 501 blocks. but she hasn't quite made them all.... with a bit of free form 'Pleasing her very own self.'

Another one... Norma's Batik Beauty.... I know!!! They are all at it.... talk about liberating!!! Almost all the quilters who come to my classes are smitten with this quilting of blocks individually and joining together afterwards... 

Normas quilt is huge already but she decided to make extra batik blocks to make it even larger... I told you... they have been liberated! Norma will be making another large Batik quilt just as soon as this one is complete

Lou Lou didn't like Batik fabrics at all when she first joined us... She always chose a more subtle palate .... Boom!!! Boy does she loves them now... she's been infected with the Batik Bug... these fishy blocks are from the very popular Happy Quilts book. The blocks won't be in this order... I just did that for a quick picture. I love this project... It's on my To Do list ( verrrrrrry long list!)

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