Sunday, 19 May 2019

Stitching News

Sister Susie finished her wonderful Appliqued Nap Mat... There are two bits to this, I'm hoping you can see... basically it's two quilts of different dimensions, stitched together at one side. One side to nap on and one side to cover the sleeping tot. A brilliant idea from an Art To Heart book. Toot toot toot Susie, a fabulous finished project. 

Sporty Sue has finished all of the quilting on her Giant Kaffe Pinwheel blocks... they NOW measure exactly 18 inches each, they didn't before and it didn't work well at all! Sashing strips in black and white dots, will help Sue join everything together Apartment-ly.

Kate's Lynda enjoyed making her last Quilt-As-You-Go so much that she's already very well into her next one... Pink this time... for a change!! It will be given to a charitable organisation.

Jean Hill has been itching to get onto a new project as she's not in love with the pastel coloured Disappearing 9-Patch one she's trying to finish... She has a new book and wanted to make Ombre Braiding, perfect for a guy... that was the brief. Didn't we do well with those fabric choices!!!

Sister Sue and Fiona Too want to start a joint project next so we had a little play with possible fabric placement and colours. Unfortunately (for me as the shop owner) but happily (for them) they have enough fabrics in their stash to make this gifting quilt. ha ha ha

Beryl finished the first part of her Twister Wreath project... then she made up the template and used it cut it all up again...She twisted each new block just a tad and now has the beginnings her wreath table topper... Now she can sew it all back up!!
Just to remind you... 
It's nearly retreat time again!!!....
My shop will not be open, that's like being closed...
Friday 24th May, 
Saturday 25th May and 
Bank Holiday Monday, 27th May.

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