Friday, 10 May 2019

Stitching News

Jean Bean started a fun new project, Hound Dogs... it's from the book 'Happy Quilts', a book stuffed full of fun projects... There must be a new baby being baked, Jean loves to gift little quilts.

Rose must be in factory marathon mode... she's stitching 3 projects at one very same time... The elephants make up to little wall hangings... they will be perfect little quilts, for gifting of course.

Gail is getting to the exciting bit now... all weather Grass trimming... if only it was that easy! the borders will make this look just like a real football stadium.... at least, that's the plan. 

Pam also started another new project. The back of this one will be the front... this is the the front, it will be used as the back... Winnie the Pooh fabric is so hard to cut up, so she will not do it!... Confused?? 

Beryl was making the base for her Twister Wreath table topper. All the junctions need to be lined up for it to work... and now they do! Next job is to chop it all up again! 

Sister Susie has done fabulous quilting on the Nap Mat. Can you see the large Blanket Stitching on the flowers... that is Juki Machine stitching... looks very hand done me thinks. The binding is on and the pillow pocket is complete... there might be a finish next week?

All Day Di is making this Lap Quilt for gifting to a very special lady.William Morris fabric is perfect for the occasion. Will Di gift it? My goodness does she ever love this quilt enough to make that decision very tricky!!

Taa Daa... Jean Hill held up her fabulous and finished quilt... with much relief I have to say! It's well deserving of a toot toot toot fanfare. Made up as she went along after being inspired by my Beautiful Batiks and a picture found in Tinterweb.

Krafty Karen had a tricky job with a bit of fussy cutting.... she's done her best to get a smart animal in the centre of each square... those edges are Bias cut... Karen knows to be careful though, so we won't worry will we.

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