Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Stitching News

Jean Bean made another block for her Hound dog gifting quilt... very cute indeedy... each block will have a different fabric background and, would you believe it... these blocks will be quilted individually then joined together apartmently... bang on trend!

Gail's football pitch is finished... mowed and trimmed, so it's ball time. Hand pieced Hexagons stitched to the black background... they look really effective don't they... each ball will be 'trapuntoed' and will be a different size, to give a bit of scale... quite arty farty!

Rose finished all the blanket stitch applique on several herds of Elephants, as you can see she has saved all the end tying off for a job with the TV. That's a lot of ends!

A bit blurred, silly perfect purple camera must have twitched! New Sue finished the top of her table runner. Apparently it is a free pattern from Kaffe's website... very tricky and Sue will not be making it ever again... ha! All in beautiful Batik fabrics, lovely. It's sandwich time.

All Day Di spent a lovely day quilting her William Morris Gifting Quilt. She was quite amazed just how much sewing she got done really. She says it's because she was concentrating and not listening to the jabberings of a fellow quilter! ha ha ha

Jenny Bean came for a stitchy playday... She works on several projects all at the very same time, how strange (not!)  These blocks have been rescued from a deceased quilters' estate. They are all beautifully stitched by hand, even the quilting... so Jenny is going to join them all together appartmently, then donate the finished quilt to a worthwhile Charity, lovely.
The classroom has been very busy of late. Every project inspires someone else... like those friendship cakes... do you remember them? You give a little bit of the mixture to a friend and they make it into a  new mixture to bake a cake... after gifting a bit of that mixture to another friend, or a neighbour if you have run out of friends... ha ha ha

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