Monday, 18 November 2019

Edna's Tooting Time

Just Edna's commission quilt!! It's good and ready for a Fabulous and Finished Fanfare, so... Toot toot toot.... It is absolutely enormous and I could barely get it in a photo inside my shop. I've taken a couple of angles for you to get the idea 

It's mostly made with Beautiful Batik fabric and a picture of a free pattern called Oink A Doodle Moo  I can't find the pattern online for you but the link will show you the quilt picture. Anyway, we didn't use the pattern really, except for it's look. The method Edna used saved a lot of work and over a metre of wasted fabric. Using the Tri-Recs ruler also helped the accuracy... as you can see, I hope

Obviously this is the back, perfectly co-ordinated with that fabulous front. You can see Edna quilted it all by her very own self (in her rather smart new sewing room) The quilt has now been received by it's new owners and Edna reports that they were thrilled to bits with their new quilt... and no wonder eh!

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