Sunday, 17 November 2019

Stitching News

Here I am trying to catch up again. This blooming computer is too tricky (smart) for me. I still don't really understand what it's doing when I plug it in to my VERY EASY to operate Perfectly Purple Camera!!!... Why do they make all computers so blooming complicated? I only want a Margarita (pizza) not an Extra Special House Special cooked in 10 ovens with all the trimmings, whistles and bells and different size slices in different sized boxes!!! For goodness sake... 
I've just had time to find some of the photos this morning, I've tried to crop and edit them but all the buttons are different too! I think I'll be able to blog write now.. at least for a few days... 
In no particular order then...
All Day Di (Lady Lidl) brought in a new pattern, it's for a rather lovely winter themed Table Runner. Step number 1 was to make triangles for the tree... so she put the pattern down and went to make tea!!! ha... lots of people are hesitant with triangles and there's no need to be. Di thought she had done them wrong because there were no points... They look just like the pattern... no pointy-top points needed

Sister Susie trimmed up her table runner top (well, actually I did it, all by my very own self) and made a little sandwich. This project is much more of a medium grey, than how light it is in this picture, with a lovely little print for the centre and the little squares. Binding has been chosen too.

Fiona Too had done most of her quilting and just wanted to add a few extra lines. She's going to quilt around the spectacles to make them pop. We made a perfect backing for the cushion, a covered zip of course, with a flap in blue, to match the Woofie's jumper.

Farmer Lynda is making personalised reading pillows for gifting. This dinosaur unit will be the book pocket on the front of one of them. Reading pillows make excellent gifts, let's hope Lynda can finish them in good time... tick tock tick tock!! Especially with starting another one!!

Enid needed to make lots of little sandwiches and then to quilt them. Each of these is a bag part... a Big Quilted Panel Bag. It's going to be gifted to a seaside lover, who just moved away from the seaside, I think.

Beryl brought with her, a Fat Quarter Bundle that she had been gifted... (I shuddered with thoughts of Norma and her Fat Quarters of 'Loot') but it was OK, Beryl wants to make Bendy Bags, (not huge, lick-etty-split quilts like Norma usually does)

Our Carol is also making a gifting quilt. Isn't this fabulous! It's a pattern from Carol's magazine and will be perfect for the young fellow who will be receiving it. Here, Carol was pinning all the bits (and there are lots of bits) to a large piece of wadding... like a design floor!!
More pictures will be posted soon, (crossed fingers) it's chores time here.
Oh yes... Checkley.... Our Sunday Funday Sewday is only two weeks away... Have you booked and paid? It's Sunday 1st December... I'm confirming catering numbers on Monday 25th November

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