Monday, 11 November 2019

Stitching News

Our Carol finished her festive Foundation Paper Pieced baubles. She said she has enjoyed making them and will definitely make other projects using this method. Borders will be added and a sandwich will be made very soon. Not long to go now... Sewing Prevention Season is just around the corner.

Gail decided to stay with the bright theme for her borders... after that thinner, pink stripe she chose a bright yellow Art Gallery fabric for the final touch, outer border... we can never have too much colour... that's why those bees are smiling!

It's a coincidence that Christabelle started her quilting in the yellow! Chris decided to quilt using the pattern as a guide so there will be a lot of thread colour changes and many a million ends to tie off... but it will be worth it.

Princess Jackie is quilting too. She is on a bit of a marathon with both quilts being made for gifting very soon. These projects are heavy as Jackie has poooooophed the details with extra wadding... scrumptious and luxurious feeling.

Jean Bean is making petal applique blocks, she's been working on them for quite a while, she only needs about 200 or so... no rush though... they will be made into a quilt for her very own self... there's plenty of time to read the papers, peel an orange, drink copious amounts of tea etc... it might look like procrastinating, but we shouldn't be fooled!!! ha ha ha

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