Tuesday 12 November 2019

Stitching News

Pam made this fabulous Christmas Tree Wallhanging using this free pattern from Makower UK. She says that the pattern was quite simple and the project came together very quickly once all the cutting was sorted. As you can see this is now a tree sandwich.

Kate just got her large quilt back from Amanda, the local Long Arm Quilter. The quilt is huge so I couldn't fit it all in my picture. Kate cut all the binding and was able to get it all stitched on ready for hand sewing during the evenings. We will have a tooting session soon me thinks.

All Day Di (also known as Lady Lidl) Purchased a new template for drawing around before quilting in the background of Elizabeth Hartman Unicorn, quite a fiddly shape to stitch with a walking foot!

Farmer Lynda is making two personalised reading pillows... they make excellent gifts and promote reading to boot!! This bit will be the book pocket... Roxy lives on a farm... the clue is right there, in the fabric choice eh!
Sewing prevention season is fast approaching... I can tell by all the customers visiting my Christmas corner with good intentions of making things 'just in time' ... 47 days to go.... so says this website.

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