Friday, 22 November 2019

Kate's Gifting Quilt

A blue and grey beauty, made by Kate... it's another huge quilt to which my photo doesn't do any justice. We have investigated and the problem... it seems to be that I have too many fabrics filling all the spaces where we used to take photos!!! ha ha ha, what a fabulous problem to have eh!!...  Kate pieced her project with the help of the 60 degree triangle ruler and a lot of patient pinning. We did our best for the pic, three ladies holding it up and draping it over tables... if you zoom in a bit you will see that Kate had it Long Arm Quilted by Amanda in Stone..

A fabulous backing happened... and I do really mean 'happened' We had a plan and Kate cut the fabrics. She prepared the centre, proceeded to sew the fabrics for our 'plan'... my mathemisms had a small issue, we still don't know what it was but other bits were added and we came up with this... Kate loves it and that's all that matters. Toot toot toot, a fabulous and finished gifting quilt.

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