Thursday, 20 February 2020

I Finished A Quilt!

It's surprising what you can achieve with an odd 15 minutes in an evening (not to mention a bit of Silly O'Clock sewing) and an occasional Sunday afternoon sewing spree. It started off as a Crumb Piecing project. I joined tiny bits of fabric together in the shape of my Dresden Plate Ruler. I worked on them throughout our March Retreat last year. I continued when we got home, for months! Once I got fed up of making Dresden Crumbs, I added the Dresden shaped Dotty fabrics. Squared off the blocks and the rest is obvious really. The black and white dot fabric is the left over bits from making a Kate Tunic! Dresden Ruler shapes for the border, loads of quilting finished with Faux Piped Binding. It's not the best photo really, the bright colours are a bit washed out...maybe I will try again. It will be hanging at Uttoxeter Quilt Show if you would like to see it for your very own self.
It's a fabulous finish though.... toot toot toot.

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