Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Uttoxeter Quilt Show

Quilt & Stitch Village

We always call it Uttoxeter Quilt Show... they show quilts and it's in Uttoxeter!!
They have extended the deadline date for entering your quilt... 
Yes!!! Just for you...
So it's your lucky day. 
If you missed the last deadline to fill in your form, go do it now.
or print your own using this link... 
Paper entry forms are available in my shop while stock lasts.
Let's fill this show with our wonderful work.

Don't worry what the judges think or write about your work... what do they know anyway??? 
If you love your quilt, others will love your quilt... I know it.

We can do this!!!! 
You can bring your quilts to my shop before 
Saturday 10th April
I can take the quilt to the show for you 
I can bring your quilts back to my shop for you.
If you don't want to read them, I can remover the judges comments for you too.

Just another aspect of the fabulous customer service I am proud to offer!

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