Thursday 6 February 2020

Stitching News

Jean Hill was sooooo relieved to have finished her quilt top. I'm not sure she will ever tackle another Y seam in her life! That tiny little red inner border sets it off  just perfectly, don't you think? Jean knows exactly how it's going to be quilted and is hoping Amanda in Stone will be able to do it for her.

Luna Twearly is a very organised and quite a thrifty lady. These are her scraps and little bits of fabric, they're not leftovers, she's still using them for her Foundation Paper Pieced blocks... Yes those are bank coin money bags and yes that is a take-away food pot!

New Sue has lots of her blocks made now. They look great with all the different shades of grey with blacks and whites. All done with two and a half inch strips, a Jelly Roll found in her stash.

Krafty Karen's oriental fabrics. A quarter Log Cabin block. It's going to be a giant floor cushion... I'm wondering... it looks like a stairway, wonder where it leads to? I'll have that song in my head all day now, ha ha ha

I bet you can guess which quilting artist is making this project?
Princess Jackie has finished her pieced table runner and happily returned to stitching applique... How cute is this picture!! She'll be tying the ends off in front of the tv.

Jean Bean has decided to enter her current project into Uttoxeter Quilt Show, so there has been a spurt of activity in the stitching department. We've laid the blocks out, she chose the next fabrics and will crack on splendidly now. 

I love this tiny little picture. Gail is applique stitching all the tiny bits. Not a job that can be rushed, There are lots of tiny circles and they take a lot of upp-ing and down-ing of the presser foot lever... The Juki f600 doesn't lift it's own, but the Juki DX7 does!

PM Pam is still trying to use up her scraps. She remarked how her storage container looks more full now than it did two quilts ago! ha ha ha, oh yes, we know those scraps multiply at night! I'm organising the Uttoxeter Show Quilt Angels again this year and we have a demonstration table again to help you with ideas for using up your scraps and leftover fabrics. This quilt will be on display for you all too.

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