Sunday, 2 February 2020


Monday Sheila purchased one of our lovely Peter Rabbit panels almost before she had taken her coat off for class... she had the borders sewn on Lick-etty-split. And as tables became available she spied opportunity for sandwich making... when you need a fast project, a panel is the way to go.

New Sue made her beautiful Batik feather sandwich and pondered for quite a while about the threads and possible quilting designs... as we all do!

Krafty Karen came to sandwich Saturday... as she arrived she realised she had forgotten to pack her backing fabric so she went home to fetch it and came back again to make her sandwich... when there's a time limit for the finishing of the project, it just has to be done!! Fabulous pin tin!!!

Rose is also on a tight deadline to finish her quilt... I don't know why we put our very own selves under such pressures, but we do. Rose will have this quilted just in time for gifting with just enough time for a holiday in the meantime, very organised!

PM Pam was quite surprised by the size of her sandwich... even though she made it, all by her very own self. That happens a lot... we stitch away enjoying the patchwork process then when we come to lay out the project to get it sandwiched and prepped for quilting, the enormity of the task can be a bit of a shock! 

Sandwich Saturdays are almost always on the first Saturday of each month... You do need to book as it's a popular activity.... beats crawling around on the floor!!

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