Sunday 14 November 2021

Stitching News

I don't know about you but I am really missing the longer days of summer. I don't need all this darkness falling so early each day, there's so much to do and when it starts going dark I start to fade too... Like a little flower, ha! Beano was telling me it's only going to continue for about 5 weeks then the days will start to draw out again. that's more positive eh!

Our Pam has been quilting her cute Turtles project. She is ever so chuffed with her stitching accuracy. She Stitched-In-The-Ditch of all the blocks to get it stabilised then trimmed up and stitched her binding on. She closely stitched around the turtle bodies and Now she's going to add quilting designs to each of the shells, fabulous... so no tooting just yet.

This is another of Our Pam's projects. This is both sides of her stocking beautifully quilted making all the details 'pop'... you know we quilters like a bit of popping!

Shirley was able to sandwich her dinosaur Log Cabin quilt during her Thursday afternoon class. We had a bit of a brain storming session about possibilities for the quilting, of course I got carried away.... I'm an expert at throwing ideas in the mix.... now Shirley can have a good think.

This is the back of All Day Di's Christmas gifting quilt. It's such a lovely idea, don't you think? We are getting very good at making these fabulous quilt backings, Letters are so much fun... 

This is the front... It's a fabric from Makower and it's one of the cutest Festive collections they ever had. Di just had to decide how long to make the quilt, buy the fabric and that was the top done... of course with that fabulous backing it took a little bit of time before a sandwich was made but... It's now Fabulous and finished and needing it's very own fanfare, sooooo.... toot toot toot.

Another beautiful panel from Andover Fabrics. Farmer Lynda wanted a very quick make as the gifting window was very tight. She has enjoyed quilting this and all the little details pop perfectly, It's time for another toot toot toot fanfare as it's a fabulous and finished gifting quilt.

Deb's came for a sneaky extra class... holidays from work are perfect for a little me time and I'll always try to fit folk in for extra tuition. She got so much done in the one afternoon, even with her mind wandering about trying to decide what to make next!

Farmer Lynda loved the Tomte project I was making on our recent, and almost long forgotten, quilting retreat. She decided to have a go at making it... all for her very own self. She should have kept it secret because now she will be making 3 of them, Ha!

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