Sunday, 21 November 2021

Stitching News

 My shop specialises in Patchwork and Quilting, that's because I'm not much use at any other kind of sewing, especially the 3D stuff. But I always try to help with whatever kind of sewing my customers want to do.
Cushions... basically they are just a mini quilt with an extra backing that is stuffed with a fluffy pad!... I'm ok with those.

Sheila wanted to make a cushion. She arrived with a photo of this Squirrel printed onto a cotton Poplin sheet, you do them in your own printer (I sell the stuff to do that!) She stuck the picture to Sticky-Stuff, in this case Heat & Bond, then cut the squirrel out very carefully, stuck it down and proceeded to quilt. Isn't he/she fabulous. The cushion has been gifted and everyone is very happy, toot toot toot Sheila, a fabulous and finished gifting project.

Norma is going to be making about 900 of these blocks, nine and a half inches as they are, so that's 9 inches in the quilt. The Churndash is a very lovely traditional block. All the colours of the rainbow will be used, it's very Norma!! She is very colourful.

Norma wanted to recover her comfy chair.
"Oh heck" says I!!! 
After my mathemizing and stressing about making a cover to all the correct sizes, I lost the will! So... You know what we did? We made two long rectangular quilts! Genius eh.... One quilt goes across the bum bit and over the two arms and the other is a bit longer and goes all over the top, across the bum bit and down to the floor... I think it looks fabulous and Norma says it works a treat... Winner, toot toot toot!

Farmer Lynda is making great progress with the Tomte production line, aren't they cute little characters. She has the others all kitted and labelled up ready to be sewn. I think one will be blue though.

Bev's project... it was going to be a table runner until we changed the design a little bit and it grew, it's now going to be a big quilted thing! ha ha ha, Bev doesn't care what it will be used for as she is enjoying the whole process way more than she could have imagined, how fabulous is that!!!

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