Wednesday 24 November 2021

Stitching News

I do hope you are all ready for the weekend, high winds and snow means only one thing... STITCHY FUN TIME!!
You should check you have enough fabric and thread to get you through eh? Of course I know it won't last long, but I'm being optimistic that you will need fabrics.

Please take note that I have a very busy weekend so I am only able to be opening my shop for appointments on Saturday 27th
It's a Checkley Funday Sewday on Sunday 28th and there are a few spaces left should you decided to join us. Just call to book.

Look at this! Our Pam is cracking on on with her dramatic blocks, there is actually a mistake in these few, I wonder whether you can spot what it is. It has been unpicked and put right now but I'll leave you to quiz about it.

Twin Tomtes!! Farmer Lynda will be a Tomte expert at this rate. 
She's learning about their story too...  Google him?
mischievous domestic spirits, responsible for the protection and welfare of a farmstead" 
 as Lynda is a farmer... that's rather apt isn't it!
New Sue finished her gifting cushion. Each of the little hearts has extra wadding behind it to make it more phoooophy! 
One perfectly co-ordinating backing with a hidden zip. It's ready for a fabulous and finished fanfare, toot toot toot.
Just a quickie today... so many chores await my attention.... 
Sewing Prevention Season is approaching at a scary rate!

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