Thursday, 11 November 2021

Traditional Piecing Workshop

The workshop was brilliant, even though I do say so my self! The ladies all learned so much... here are some photos from the day...

Deb had been working on her Traditionally Pieced Table Runner during a few Sew Saturdays so she was able to get her borders stitched in place and make a superb sandwich... followed by some Walking Foot quilting, it's coming along so well, Deb is so much enjoying her very own self in my classroom!

Donna is making the same Traditionally pieced blocks but she will be making many more of them as she wants to make a quilt, as opposed to a Table Runner... you know we offer great customer service, so we were happy to oblige!

These three blocks belong to Lorna. Fabric placement on a block can make all the difference to the look of each block. Sometimes you have to make one to see what you would change, and Lorna did just that, watch this space!

Sharon brought some of her 'special fabrics' with her. Fabric she didn't really like, but was happy to use for her "Guinea Pig" blocks.... How funny that she ended up quite liking her blocks so the table runner will be finished and gifted! They do look great don't they

Here are all the pieces before stitching.

Carol Cake (who didn't bring cake!!) took her time with her cutting as that was something she wanted to perfect. It's a great idea to take your time with the cutting of all the units, it makes the sewing up so much easier. This table runner is sure to be festive when it's finished, especially with that beautiful Ombre Red as a background!
There's a Sewing Saturday again this weekend, they are quite popular with the working girls!! ha ha

Please remember that it's time to book and pay for your place on the next Sunday Sewday. 28th November... last one of the year, my goodness!
Refreshments are included in your £20.00 fee. Cheesey Scones, Rose's famous Nutty Slack and Cake, though I forgot what sort Rose will make!

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