Thursday, 18 November 2021

Stitching News

 I am trying to keep up, honest! Yesterday, that's Wednesday, I spent all day in my shop. It's closed on Wednesdays so I could get on with sorting, cleaning and generally tidying stock. I have loads of wadding pieces cut and rolls of that Vinyl bag making stuff, and sticky stuff cut, (though Beano did those for me) and all the other things that I purchase on large rolls to save you money! More great customer service, I know right!! Behind the scenes prep gets pushed to one side when days are busy in the classroom.

Carol Cake is making great progress with her Traditionally Pieced Festive Table Runner. Like with a lot of folk, the On-Point setting can be a bit confusing but Carol got it sorted. Now she has a collection of different sized quarter inch triangles to play with.
Lorna finished her quilting. She used the walking foot and perfected her Stitching In The Ditch, a tiny top tip helped her not to be too stressed about a bit of ditch hopping. As you can see the table runner is fabulous and finished so it's toot toot toot time.

Shirley spied the empty tables so, Lick-etty-Split, we laid out her blocks to decide what to do next. This quilt will be gifted to a young teenager so the charcoal Hashtag fabric was perfect. Shirley has that decision again... To Cornerstone or Not to Cornerstone!

Tadaa. Deb proudly held up her almost finished Traditionally Pieced Festive Table Runner. She hand stitched for about 10 minutes, just to learn how to do it perfectly then put it away, that job can be done at home... so what next.... she had a good nosey around in my lovely shop...

A quilt will be made, quite a big one too!... Deb saw the Cats On The Fence Quilt on display and decided to make one for her very own self.... Not a cat in sight though, this will be Stars On The Fence. She was so excited. A lot of stripping preparation was done!

I  have decided to teach the beginner workshops on the Sewing Saturdays for a while. It's much more fun for the new folk that way. Caroline's a complete novice to sewing and sewing machines and didn't believe she would be able to finish a cushion in one day... well

As you can see, not only did Caroline have a fabulous day... that was never in doubt! she even surprised her very own self by putting a zip into her beautiful cushion back. This lady sews very straight lines too... Toot toot toot for a perfect and fabulous first finished project... she's booked to come again to make another, she thinks it was beginners luck!

I think only a quilter would appreciate a bank of tables pushed together with nothing on top (I did move that little Coiled Fabric Pot full of Mini Advent Stockings, after taking the photo)... It can only mean one thing... Big sandwiches need to be made!

Our Pam came to make her huge Tree quilt sandwich. It was a perfect size for my tables, so that's 180cm x 240cm... a lot of pins were used. We had fun (well, I did!) coming up with all sorts of fabulous quilting ideas. This will be Pam's Sewing Prevention Season project.

New Sue made her sandwich too. Not quite needing all the tables but it's still a good size. We got the tracing paper out and had a long Powwow about possibilities for quilting. Those Snowball blocks could have something in each one, or not? We will see, very soon.

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