Sunday 6 March 2022

Stitching News

These are some of the projects that were being worked on during the latest Sunday Funday Sewday at Checkley (27th February)

Pam had been doing a lot of shadow quilting. She laid her quilt out to have a quick check where she was up to. It's easy to lose your way stitching on a larger project. Just one more animal to quilt around then Pam can start on the leaves. What leaves? Wait and see.

Carol has been making these blocks for a while. There are lots of little bits and details to be cut out and stuck down. She decided to prepare all of the blocks before starting the stitching so that when she threads up with each colour she can get all of that colour stitched... does that make sense?  When the thread is yellow thread on the Juki, all the yellow bits will be stitched.

Alaine came to one of my Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope workshops a while ago. She was quite pregnant then, glowing with a huge bump that didn't fit too well at the table, I remember. Now baby is 6 or 7 years old, ha! She's rooted and dug out all of the pieces ready to continue... These are the four stunning blocks that had been completed and all the other bits are cut ready for piecing.

Alaine also started this project at a workshop a few years ago and was thrilled to have the top completed during the Sunday Sewday. It's going to be a 24" cushion/pillow. Each of the blocks measures 6". It's ready to be sandwiched, but there's no rush is there! Slow Stitching... good for the soul!
Just Edna brought her latest fabulous and finished quilt to show us. It was going to be gifted immediately so it was our last chance to see it. This one caused a few tricky moments because someone got a bit rotary cutter happy and cut quarter square triangles instead of stopping at halves... but I rescued that!!

Edna used up her extra bits on the back which is one of my very favourite things to do... you must have noticed that by now? Toot toot toot Edna, it's a fabulous and finished gifting quilt.

Our next Sunday Funday Sewday is on Sunday 27th March. 9.30am - 4.30pm
I now realise that it's actually going to be Mothers Day, Mothering Sunday, whichever you call it.
I hadn't realised that at the time of booking the hall as it's not something we celebrate in my family, so I'm sorry if it clashes with your diary.
On the other hand... If you do recognise the date...
What a great gift to give to your Mum, or yourself!!!  A wonderful and uninterrupted day of stitching with like minded people... sounds like a winner to me!

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