Thursday 5 June 2008

All Day Sewing

How much fun are we allowed to have in one day?
Lots and lots is the answer.
We did a little bit of sewing at the beginning of our day, then we had to stop for few minutes... here you see us eating Garen's Birthday Cheesecake made by Trudi... it was delicious, this photo is not staged at all, we were really standing in the kitchen exactly as you see here.. very funny!

In these next three pictures we are hard at work at various stages in the day. Everyone was working on their own project today, it was a hive of industry. My home was transformed for the day.

This is Ann working on her Irish Chain, Arabela working on her Chunky Churndash quilt and Irene is cutting fabrics for her log Cabin project

Arabella again, showing her baby girl and her Chunky Churndash

Jutta's Log Cabin Quilt
Susan with her Stained Glass Window Quilt
These are Therese's Chunky Chundash blocks all ready to be sewn together, Therese worked hard today!

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