Thursday 19 June 2008

IWP Quilt Group

Oh poor Therese....
She had worked so hard to get all the Chunky Churndash blocks made, then spent the entire 'all day sewing' day (5th June) making the hour glass blocks. She went home happy and proud that day. Carefully over the next few days she sewed the blocks together, taking a lot of care with her block placement. She wanted to make sure that all the scrappy fabrics were evenly spread out, and concentrated really hard to achieve this. When it was all sewn together she went running to Sally's house, to show her.....

This is Sally, Therese's friend and neighbour and a fellow quilter. Here she is explaining to us how she had to tell poor, delighted Therese that her hour glass blocks were all turned in different directions. She had concentrated so hard to get the chunky's right, she had not paid attention to which way up she had put the hour glass blocks..... Sally says "it was like bursting Therese's happy bubble!"

So, Therese here is showing us the pile of (quote...bloody) blocks all "un-sewn" every last one!!!
She was so angry with herself that it was funny, funny, funny...
I know we shouldn't laugh at the misfortune of others ... but on this occasion, even Therese was laughing after she told the story a few times... she says we all learn from our mistakes... let's hope so Therese!!! he he he

At this point, I remembered to tell my ladies that I was fed up with eating plums, so I handed out carrier bags to each one and off we went to the garden. It was very entertaining, as one plum was picked, 20 more fell from the tree as they were all so ripe.... not any more though... not one plum left on our tree now! Thank goodness!!

Arabela had given the children in her son's playschool class, a piece of fabric with some paint, coloured pens and directions of what to do to make a signature block for their teacher. This is the quilt top that she made with all the blocks. What a very sweet gift for any teacher?
Arabela needs to have it finished for next week.

Ursula has been working on this very special window for some time now. It is her own design and is now making the applique 'bird of paradise' flowers to give it a 3D dimension.

Jutta's son and daughter -in-law have just had their 4th baby, This baby quilt was finished just in time...
Irene is making a log cabin quilt in these fabulous rich colours.

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