Sunday 22 June 2008

Quilt Class

My goodness it was hot in Quilt Class today, we were all melting. You can see the fan in the background... it is only June... and from now, the temperature only goes up!!!

Noemia cut all the strips for her next project. It's going to be a railfence quilt with 6 strips per block. Noemias's first project was the hand pieced table runner so this will be her first machine produced quilt.
Here she is pondering the Spanish writing in her book.

As we work with inch rulers we just translated it from centimetres.
This is Magda putting the finishing stitches into her third bock.
Dorila is making this baby quilt with perfectly matching points... she has a very cunning way of achieving them!!!

Dorila and Carolina working and chatting.

See the cute dog fabric? this is going to be a quilted bag.

Katja continues to hand quilt her log cabin quilt. Here she is designing her next project, a floor cushion for her boys using Thomas the Tank Engine fabric.

Cristina has her second project in progress already.... I think it's a secret though.

Licinia worked away in the corner making patchwork curtains for her cottage.

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