Wednesday 11 June 2008

Farewell to Luisa

Yesterday we had a farewell lunch for our Luisa. She is heading back to Korea with her husband. Luisa is one of the original members of our IWP Quilt Group. Helen and myself are the only other original members left, that is not such a big deal really though, as we only started with 6 of us.

Here Luisa carefully removed the wrapping from her parcel, well it was fabric after all!!

You can see she is very happy with the contents of her parcel... each of us made a blue and white block for her, to represent the beautiful tiles of Portugal. That particular block was made by Susan, standing to the right of Luisa.
This moment catches Luisa reading a letter that accompanied 2 blocks sent all the way from Malta by Judith, another original member who left us a while ago, I am afraid the moment caused a few tears....

At the bottom of the parcel, Luisa found Kaffe Fasett's book, 'Quilts In The Sun', a perfect gift for a special friend as his quilts were photographed in Portugal.

We will miss Luisa very much........

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