Wednesday 11 June 2008

Quilt Class

Not many ladies came to class today. Portugal is having a small issue with running out of fuel, so I guess most people couldn't make it.

Ines has finished her sampler blocks now and managed to sew them all together. She hung it to get the full and stunning effect.
This quilt will have a rich purple fabric for the inner border then a wide white border quilted "with the feed-dogs down!" ... this is going to be so cool!

Sofia worked on quilting the borders with a great, free hand zig-zag design. It will have two lines when it is finished, one yellow and the other orange.
Miss Noemia took the teachers position today. She showed the ladies how to make blocks for the quilt you see in the photograph on the table. I made it and called mine "Hand Dyed Windows". This pattern was originally from Keepsake quilting and was called "Purple Passion"

I think some ladies will make this design as their next project, it is so easy.... once you know how!

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