Thursday 12 June 2008

IWP Quilt Group

Only a few ladies came today. Some ladies telephoned to say they had no fuel to get here. I hope this strike sorts itself out soon, when it affects important things, like our Quilting, we start to worry !!! tee hee... We still enjoyed the time though.

Arabela finished this quilt for Karina. She sewed the binding on and then "danced with her feed-dogs down" all over it!
Arabela is very proud of this quilt, and so she should be!

Susan, left, is tying the ends off after quilting her Stained Glass Windows.
Helen, right, finished hand stitching on her binding and here is stitching on the label ... a very productive few

This is Susan's wall hanging quilt, it still has a few pins as it isn't quite finished yet.

I finished the binding on this baby quilt. Now I need to make the label and get it off to the post office.

I love this dolphin fabric that I used for the back.


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