Thursday 20 November 2008

All Day Sewing

We had music, great food, good wine, lovely ladies and sewing... a perfect recipe for a fun day. We started off with the usual "show & tell"

Jutta's Kaleidoscope Quilt... WOW!!! this fabric was NOT pretty at all, it is a Portuguese Chita but it looks fabulous in this project.
This is the back, this fabric was from Ikea of all places.... very cool!

and this is a close view of the lovely hand quilting...

Sofia made a label for the first of the twins' quilts and got the binding sewn onto second one, they will be joining us in this world tomorrow... the twins I mean!
This was a busy table, these ladies were working away and singing along to the Mamma Mia soundtrack CD that Ursula brought in.

Arabela took a small break from patchwork to make a very prety dress for baby Alexia, using the new "Cut & Sew" she got last week. Ursula was a great help!
Sally was working on another Christmas project...
Can't tell you who this is, great disguise Regina!

Sofia, joining the binding strips....

Ann's long term project is getting bigger now...

This is me showing Sofia how to make the very popular Fabric Post Cards.

Irene made these... she loves the cute stuff, but it's very fiddley

Ursula is making placemats for Christmas, these are her own design. They will be quilted with silver metalic thread....

We have less than 5 weeks left to Christmas!

By the way, there won't be a quilting meeting on 25th December, even though it is a Thursday! he he he

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