Sunday 23 November 2008

Sunday Soup & Sewday

In the Quilt Cave today we had banana loaf, pumpkin bread, Creamy vegetable soup, home made bread with British butter, Tiramisu and other goodies... it's a wonder we had time to sew.. but we were very productive....
Therese started work on a Pineapple Blossom quilt, here she is cutting lots of 2" strips.
Regina working on the Quilt Bus Table Topper. A very chic lady matching her clothes to her patchwork, even though she hadn't seen the fabric until she arrived this morning!

Amalia is tying off lots of loose threads on the back of her project..

Ursula was free motion quilting her 8 Christmas table mats with metallic silver thread..

Amalia quilting with my lovely Bernina..

Ann deciding what goes where, with other busy ladies in the background...

Ann made a lot of progress this week, the quilt is over half way to finish line now....

Regina quilting the table topper already, it is a very fast project.

Therese piecing her pineapple blocks.

... she managed to finish 8 blocks, here we placed them on the fabric to be used for the sashing to get an idea of the end result.
Ursula holding Anabela's Square Dance quilt..

Anabela's Square Dance quilt...

Anabela's finished Christmas Tree, I've lost count how many have been made now and still we have people starting them.

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