Sunday 15 March 2009

Quilt Class

Susana has finished her table runner, the inner border is done with two colours to complement the centre...
this is the back. Both front and back of this beginner project are made from only three half metres of fabric.

Suzette has finally finished her table runner. Started my hand and finished by machine, at last.... she likes it!
Here Suzette is quilting the rail fence cushion for her special friend. Suzette's next project is to make a patchwork bag to carry her ruler, rotary cutter, mat and all the other stuff we need in class.

Susana started working on her log cabin blocks that will be made into a large floor cushion
Elsa completed the backing and made a quilt sandwich....

I took this photo because I loved the purples on the sewing machine with Carmo's yellow fabric! he he

Carmo tried to finish her rail fence baby quilt at home but got the pattern a little mixed up... no worries, now she has a different design....

There was another lesson in Arco Iris at the same time as Quilt Class. These ladies are making bags with Aldina, a very popular thing to make in Portugal at the moment.

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