Friday 1 May 2009

Quilt Cave

Rosalia's Daffodils are taking shape nicely.
Unfortunately her Aurora decided to die half way through the day. We conacted Mario, our Bernina guy, he thinks it's a blown fuse, this happened to my 6 hour old Aurora too. So Rosalia will take the machine to be repaired, in the meantime she had to continue her paper piecing on a PIP's Bernette.... it was very funny hearing Rosalia's comments about it, she will very much appreciate her Aurora when it returns!!
This is the working side, it is very fiddley in places but Rosalia says she is really enjoying paper piecing.
Therese is finding this design hard to follow, well I did say that it was am intermediate project, so no wonder... she is enjoying the challange though.
Sally finished her Daffodils, she bought the top in to show us but left before I got a photo... next time!
Jackie made this kaleidoscope quilt a long time ago, 2 years or so? She never quite got round to finishing the quilting but it has been used for a while and needs washing.... but she has to finish the quilting beforehand... he he he. She continues to make more Kimonos too.
Irene had to take a little break from patchwork to make some hand puppets and these snakes, her son is doing a puppet show for charity....
once the puppets were done Irene continued to work on her Dutch houses.

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