Wednesday 6 May 2009

Quilt Cave

Rosalia (Blue Lady) got her Auroa back and all is well now. She finished all the pieces for the Daffodils, here she is just checking the details before stitching....
We tried to put all the pieces in order, it's quite a puzzle from the right side, good job she left the paper on the back otherwise we would have no clue of the order... but you can see it's taking shape nicely.

Therese is just about half way done on her Daffodils. She is doing other projects at home and keeping this one for working on in the Quilt Cave.
Irene worked on more houses for a while, I saw her making a tiny doll too.... she loves the fiddley stuff!

Ann was able to join us, she is FINALLY on the home straight with this long term project.... we have champagne ready in the fridge for this finish!!! he he he

Ann-Marie's daffodils are taking shape nicely, she even started talking to herself... joining us quilters 'completely'!
Not an Easter Bunny, but a Dutch Bunny! Irene was very cunning.... replacing the Easter eggs with tulips means this cutie can hang in her room all year round....

All 24 of the charity quilts are finished, labelled and ready to be delivered.
I was amused that we finished the quilts on a beautiful hot sunny day with the temperature reaching 30 degrees!!!

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