Friday 8 May 2009

Treadle Fun

When Regina was sewing on my treadle yesterday, the thread kept braking. The machine really needed a good clean and some oil, especially the tension thing. I researched for a while on the internet this morning and decided to take the plunge. I pulled the left side of the machine to pieces, soaked them, scrubbed and cleaned them. Everything got a good splash of oil too.

After a small panic of the machine not working, I had put one piece back the wrong way (duh!) I then got to play..... I found it quilte difficult to sew. I kept sewing backwards... he he he. Moving your feet in a good rhythm takes a bit of practice. The not so good stitching is where I lost the rhythm.... (isn't rhythm a funny word!) and this is my second practice piece! I couldn't show you the first... it's embarrasing

the treadle makes a lovely stitch, it makes your legs ache too

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